3 Useful Facts About Emergency Plumbing In Colorado Springs

Often times homeowners will find themselves completely caught off guard when it comes to the need for plumbing repairs. This is because many of the most serious plumbing situations often appear without any prior warning. Unfortunately, many of these homeowners will become frantic by this need for emergency plumbing repairs, and will consequently cause the damage to their home to be even more costly to fix. This is why I wanted to take just a few minutes to talk to you today about emergency plumbing in Colorado Springs, and to share with you a few simple facts that can help ensure you are prepared to deal with any emergency plumbing situations which may arise in your home.

Fact #1: Many Colorado Springs emergency plumbing contractors will charge you extra in order to respond to your call on an emergency basis. In fact, this is the number one reason why many homeowners choose not to deal with their emergency plumbing issues in a timely basis. Unfortunately, this is also the number one reason why many homeowners are left to deal with extremely high repair bills as the result of an emergency plumbing repair. While you should expect that you will be charged extra for any labor which takes place outside of normal business hours, that additional fee pales in comparison to the additional costs you will endure by allowing your plumbing problems to go unaddressed.

Fact #2: Turning off the main water access in your home is always the first step which you should take after discovering an emergency plumbing situation. Unfortunately, this step is commonly overlooked by homeowners who are desperate to figure out what is causing their current plumbing situation. Taking the time to locate your main water access valve prior to a Colorado Springs emergency plumbing situation will help to ensure you are able to react quickly, and appropriately if this situation should occur in your home. Additionally, remembering to take the time to shut off this water access prior to doing anything else could help you to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in water damage repair costs. Considering it is these water damage repair costs which often account for more than 50% of the total cost of repairing an emergency pluming leak, the ability to keep these costs to a minimum is one that every homeowner can certainly appreciate.

Fact #3: Colorado Springs emergency plumbing repairs should never be attempted on your own. This is because virtually all emergency plumbing situations will be caused by an underlying issue which is often not detected by the untrained eye. For instance, many homeowners who find that a pipe has burst will simply replace that pipe on their own in order to avoid the need for an emergency plumber. The problem is that unless the homeowner addresses the reason why the pipe burst in the first place, chances are the new pipe will also burst in the near future. In many cases this may mean adding additional insulation to the pipes, or even changing the type of piping material which the homeowner is using. Hiring a professional plumber in these situations will allow you the ability to not only fix the immediate plumbing issue, but to also address any underlying problems which may cause this emergency to repeat itself in the near future. This is why it is so important that you never attempt to address your own emergency plumbing issues other than to simply turn off the water access, and attempt to stop the flow of any running water which could potentially cause further damage to your home while awaiting the services of a professional plumber.

Casual Watches for Girls

I don’t like wearing office clothes because I feel uncomfortable in them. It always feels like I’m wearing a costume when I try to look serious and official. It just doesn’t feel like me. I love baggy, comfortable clothing I can move in and that are more practical than a mini skirt and heels. Unless you pursue hobbies where these would be practical but we won’t go there.

At times I have been described as bit of a tomboy and I suppose it is true – at least within reason. I often shop in the mens section for shorts and hoodies because the womens section does not offer designs I find comfortable enough. I do love a feminine touch to my style though. I love wearing shirts with laces or ribbon and I love pink and especially purple. I suppose the expression “street but sweet” describes it best. And to achieve that look accessories must be chosen carefully!

A great way to emphasise your femininity while at the same time holding onto the cool and laid-back streetwear style is by wearing the right kind of watch. It is practical, yet gorgeous just like the style we’re aiming for. So I have had a look around and I came across hundreds of designer watches. I had to realise that the choice can be overwhelming which is why I have put together a list of watch brands I liked the most.

Kahuna Watches

What struck me most about Kahuna watches was the unique look at a very affordable price. I know you can spend an indefinite amount of money on a new watch but I simply cannot afford to spend a large sum on an accessory. I’d constantly worry about breaking it while being outside. Kahuna appeals to everyone who loves the surfer look. Their straps are made out of natural materials such as genuine leather bands, fabric and leather straps adorned with wooden pearls. Staying true to the “natural” design all watches are analogue, which I really like.

Diesel Watches

I’ve always liked the look of Diesel watches, especially their chunkier designs. Diesel watches were actually specifically designed to appeal to the young, urban dweller who loves a casual fashion style. Diesel have worked together with Mexican-American tattoo artist Mister Cartoon and they have brought out their own take on Batman gadgets when they released a Chronograph inspired by The Dark Knight Rises.

Casio Watches

I remember getting a Casio watch for my 16th birthday. I can’t recall which model it was but I do remember that I was ever so chuffed and I have liked their watches since. Like Kahuna watches, Casios are very affordable and look stunning. Those are the two main criteria I look for in a watch! They come in a huge range of colours and I really like their digital designs.

All these watch brands are available on www.watchdepot.co.uk. They are an official stockist of all three brands so you can be sure that their product is the genuine thing.

Innovations Of Rolex In Calgary

Consumers are generally quite fond of purchasing high quality, luxurious items and accessories from well-known brands. Having the perfect timepiece on one’s arm is considered as the best finish to the perfect outfit which is why many consumers are always on the lookout for the best watches possible. Those who are interested in high-end, luxury watches will want to consider purchasing a Rolex in Calgary due to the fact that Rolex is a well-known brand, and has dominated the watch industry for quite some time now. The Rolex in Calgary are a bit more expensive in comparison to other brands; however, based on the quality that is received, purchasing a Rolex is well worth it, and most consumers with a Rolex in Calgary will find that their watch is not only valuable due to the amount of precious metals and stones that it contains, but also useful. The Rolex watches are able to withstand wear and tear quite well, and the classic design will allow these timepieces to literally stay in style for years to come.

There are many reasons to purchase a Rolex in Calgary. In addition to style and value, Rolex is a great brand due to the numerous different innovations that it has made in the market. Not only is Rolex continuously innovating new designs and approaches to timepieces, Rolex is considered to be a classic brand, and will be well-known even in the future. Rolex watches can be passed on from generation to generation, and the value of the watches will only increase.

Rolex in Calgary is famous for its innovation in creating waterproof watches. Face it, watches are exposed to the environmental elements, and will constantly get wet or be exposed to water. Unlike many other watches and electronics that will be affected by the water damage, Rolex will stay in good condition. The first waterproof watch was made in 1926 by Rolex, and is called the “Oyster”. Rolex is also the first watch company to design the waterproof case that will stay waterproof even in conditions of under 100 meter of water. This means that those who are going for a light swim will be able to sport these beautiful watches without having to worry that it will be damaged by the water.

The Rolex in Calgary has also been known to be the first wristwatch company to design a watch capable of automatically changing the day and the date on the dial. The Rolex Datejust made in 1945 and the Rolex Day-Date made in 1956 are two watches that have been known to be designed with this automatic trait in mind. This is great for consumers who are more interested in placing the least amount of care possible in the watches, and having the watches perform the services needed. The Rolex watches in Calgary are also perfect for those who do business in two different locations as the watches will be able to show two time zones in one as shown in the Rolex GMT Master made in 1954.

Rolex is a revolutionary brand that spends most of its time inventing new designs and new approaches that will only enhance the wristwatch industry. Not only are they the epitome of luxury and elegance, the designs that they sport are considered to be extremely classy, and will be able to match with almost any outfit on the market. Those who are interested in purchasing a Rolex in Calgary will not regret their decision. There are many different variations and styles to choose from which will allow consumers a wider range of prices, and a wider range of results when being matched with outfits. Most of the Rolex watches made from precious metals and stones are quite popular, and will appeal to most consumers.

Reasons Why I Dig Large Paving Slabs

A few years ago, I noticed that my paving slabs were starting to look old, this wasn’t just from the age of the patio pavers I had placed ten years or more ago, but because they were starting to become damaged. This is partially because of the changing of the season, that I drive my lawn tractor over them a lot, and because I never bothered to waterproof the stones at all after I put them in.

I put the renovation of our patio off for a few years now, but I decided that this season, I had to bit the bullet, and rebuild it. I was put off by the remembrance of the pain in the butt it had been to arrange all of those random looking stones back when I put in the first patio. It was an experience I wanted to avoid this time at all costs. The solution I came up with was to use large paving slabs instead, so I went out to buy some and had a friend help me install them.

I could not believe how little time it took to put the slabs in, after removing the old stones, all we had to do was add a bit of sand in some cases before we put the stone down, and then leveled the stones. This is, of course because the sand on gravel base I had built up under the patio the first time was still in good shape. We did tamp it down again just to be safe, but I think that actually wasted my $80 rental fee since I don’t think that it was needed.

With the help of my trusty lawn tractor, and its front end loader attachment, we could easily move the heavy slabs into place, pick them up if needed, and set them down again. It actually saved a lot of time compared to my old patio, where I had to find the pattern one piece at a time, and then find each new piece out of the pile that I needed next, and only then putting it in its final place.

We started at 8 in the morning, and finished started into “refreshments” at 3:30 in the afternoon; this was after we brought back the equipment I had rented. When I did my earlier patio, in the same spot, with the same friend, it took us just as long to find the pattern (and that was after the prep work for the base was already completed), that day we finished at around 8 or 9 in the evening.

The other reason I love my large paving slabs over my old ones is the look. All those random patterns in the old one looked neat for a while, but all those edges just made sweeping nearly impossible without removing much of the sand in the joints. With these large stones, I can just sweep to the edges of each one when needed which makes cleanup a lot easier. Plus, there is just something awesome about big chunks of stone in your back yard, I feel manlier just for having them.

If you are looking for a new patio, or to replace an old one, I would highly recommend using large paving slabs over any alternative product. If you can get something to do the heavy lifting for you, it is actually quite an easy job that you can be proud of for years to come.

Why You Need To Back Up Your Computer

backupharddriveWe have an old file cabinet sitting in my kids bedroom.  It’s our manual “hard drive” that will never fail.  Sure, it has a few moving parts like sliding drawers.    More than likely, I will never loose the important information unless my house burns down.   Probably should buy a fire safe too! The file cabinet is very secure and I am not afraid of it crashing like my computers.  Whether you use Windows, Mac, or Linux, you need to back up your computer online or with a reliable external hard drive.  One day, you  will fall victim to either hard drive failure or a viscous attack from a virus  or Malware.

I cannot tell you how often our Windows  and Mac OS computers have crashed at home.  Hard drives have died.  Every Windows OS machine that I have ever owned has been attacked by viruses, Malware, and spyware.  Did I have them backed up?  Usually not.  I learned the hard way by loosing everything.

I’m a computer geek, and one issue I have all the time with my friends and family is, the famous, “A stinking virus hijacked my computer and all our family vacations and baby pictures are inside!’.  All those precious photos like graduation, senior ball, the honeymoon, or the baby pictures  that were going to back up are now held without ransom.

Many people think and individual hacked into their computer to tick them off.  Rest assured, it’s not the case.  Viruses are no respecter to your position in society.  I bet both George W. and President Obama have been hit with computer viruses at some point in their careers.  With or without some type of protection, you will get a virus if you are running Windows OS.  If you have any type of computer that has a hard drive, it  will eventually fail.

There Are 3 Types Of Hard Drives On The Market

  1. Hard drives that have not failed.
  2. Hard drives that are going to fail.
  3. Solid state hard drives.

The third choice, a solid state hard drive is the wave of the future if you want to keep your data safer.  A solid state hard drive usually will never fail.  New Egg  and Amazon sell solid state hard drives at discount prices.  It’s worth installing one on your laptop or desktop system if you have a hard drive failure.  There are no moving parts to wear out.  The hard drive that came with your computer is as out dated as an incandescent light bulb.

Even computers with solid state hard drives can experience failure such as the proverbial cup of coffee spilled on the keyboard of your  laptop.  This usually means instant death of your computer.  At

How To Back Up Your Computer

The best way to back up your computer is by using an external hard drive and backing it up every time that you use it.  You can get a 1 TB external Western Digital Passport hd shipped from Amazon for under $100.  I run Mac OS, Windows, and Linux OS.  I have a lot of computers running.  It’s a pain in the rear to keep them running.  I use external hard drives for all my computers.  Fortunately, I run Windows in a virtual environment because when it eventually fails, I can simply delete the bad file and restore through my virtual back up.

I don’t care what OS you are using, a hard drive is a hard drive, and eventually it will die.  Even if the hard drive does not die and you are using Windows OS, your computer will eventually get infected with a virus, Malware, or spyware.  You need to have your entire system backed up.  If you are lazy like most people including yours truly, I would use an online backup service like Mozy.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use An Online Computer Back Up Service

If you are like most people, you are going to wait until later to back up.  Usually, this person backs up their computer once a year and never when they need it.

Online computer backup is remote and secure.  If your hard drive ever fails, online back up services like Mozy have multiple backups of your data.

Mozy offers a for free, 2 GB of backup.  Yep, free!

The Many Benefits of a Softside Waterbed

When I was twelve years old, I was still sleeping on the same mattress I had slept on at four. It was starting to sink, and my back ached every morning. My parents finally decided it was time for an upgrade. At the time, a neighbor was giving away a hardside waterbed, so my parents took it and it became mine. They were hoping that the waterbed would be better for my back, and that the built-in drawers underneath the mattress would eliminate the need for a dresser in my room. And, of course, the price couldn’t be beat. I wasn’t expecting to love the waterbed as much as I did. I was a bit chilly the first night I slept on it, but once the water had finally heated up, it was pretty much heaven.

My back pain went away, and I felt so much more rested in the mornings. However, there were a few things I really didn’t like about the hardside waterbed. The first thing was the movement. I had a tendency to toss and turn for as much as an hour before falling asleep at night, and each turn sent waves through the mattress. I found this somewhat annoying, and wondered what it would be like to share a waterbed with another person. I swore I’d never do that. I also hated putting the sheets on. My mom had to buy these special kind of waterbed sheets, and they were such a hassle. They were constantly coming loose, and putting them back on was quite the chore. Getting in and out of the bed was awkward, and I was always nervous about puncturing the bladder. I also hated the way it looked. The huge, dark, oak wood frame reminded me of the 1980′s. After I left home, I went back to spring mattresses for a while. I missed the support of my waterbed mattress, but that was about the only thing I missed. Then, when I was mattress shopping for my new condo, I discovered softside waterbeds. I don’t know why I had never heard of them before, but they were the perfect solution to my waterbed woes.

Softside waterbeds have a water-filled bladder on the inside, just like hardside waterbeds, but are surrounded by a mattress cover held in place by foam bolsters. What’s more, you can choose from a variety of mattress cover options, including memory foam and latex foam. You can set up your softside waterbed just like your spring mattress bed, and no one would ever know the difference. I purchased my own softside waterbed, took it home, and set it up. I was able to fill it easily, and loved the discreet, low-voltage heater. When it came time to put the sheets on, I was happy to find that I could use regular sheets instead of the special waterbed ones.

Since softside waterbeds come in the same sizes as traditional mattresses, I was able to use the sheets I already had in my closet.The bed looked beautiful in my room. I was able to use my own headboard, bedding, and even a matching bed skirt. Getting in and out of the bed is a breeze, and the thick mattress cover keeps me from worrying about puncturing the bladder. And while I can still feel a bit of movement in the mattress when I move, it’s nothing compared to the waves I used to experience in my old, hardside waterbed. If you love the support of a waterbed, but hate the bulk and inconvenience of the hardside variety, make the switch to a softside mattress. It’s the best of both worlds.

Merrell Trail Glove Honest Review

I  am no Johnny-Come-Lately when it comes to running shoes-especially this new term “barefoot running shoes”.  Let me make myself very clear, the only bare foot running shoes that exist on the planet are your own 2 feet.  Barefoot running shoes is a marketing term created to sell you more shoes.  I started running in in the mid ’70′s and if anyone were running in barefoot running shoes, it was the baby boomer generation.  Our running shoes had virtually no support.  For most of my childhood, I donned cheap canvass shoes that are now being sold as a retro fashion statement.

So what’s the big deal about the Merrell trail glove.  Nothing.  This is what makes the shoe so fantastic to run in.  If you are like myself and love to run barefoot on a nice smooth city sidewalk or o through a fresh manicured park with green grass, then these shoes are not for you.  But on the other hand, if you also enjoy trail running, but were not born with leather tough feet, then the Merrell trail glove is probably for you.  It’s become my everyday shoe for  running around town too.

If you are looking to get a good deal on these shoes, check out Back Country as they are leaders in outdoor gear and offer a life time satisfaction guarantee on all of their equipment.  I paid less than $100 for my Merrell Trail gloves.

Say Goodbye To Phone Contracts With An Unlocked Phone

Thinking of looking to terminate a two year mobile phone commitment because you want a new cell phone, but you can’t cancel your contract without getting charged hundreds of dollars? Have you busted a cell phone and have to get one at a ridiculous price because you’re not eligible for a new phone for a while yet? Many of these are common problems that are solved by getting an unlocked mobile phone. Unlocked phones are smart phones that are “unlocked” from the software settings a carrier adds to the SIM card, to make your account restricted against defecting to a different service. If you have an unlocked phone, this unlocked unit is able to accept the SIM card to change your phone with no restriction.

When you buy an unlocked handset, though, you can clip in your current SIM card from your former handset, and find it works in your new unlocked handset. You do not have to fill out a replacement contract with your carrier or sign any additional new agreement terms, such as adding to the current term of the contract, or paying more for a new plan. When your Android phone gets broken, you can simply take the SIM card and put it into your new unlocked phone, and continue with the same carrier in the replacement phone. It’s also useful if you just don’t want your current phone any longer, and want to purchase a new phone, but you haven’t qualified to be upgraded yet.

Sometimes this type of benefits of unlocked phones may mean an unlocked mobile phone could be expensive. When you buy an unlocked smart phone, though, you re not trapped with any particular service plan. So, you might save on the service plan over time.

Another alternative to spending hundreds of dollars on a new phone is to buy an ATT GoPhone or similar from another carrier.  You can pull out the SIM card that comes with the phone an insert your own.  I cracked the LCD on my Iphone and needed an phone until I fixed Iphone.  I bought a cheap $30 GoPhone for my wife and borrowed it and dropped in my SIM card.  It worked great!  I heard that you can also drop a GoPhone SIM card in your Iphone and use it as a dollar a day cell phone with no contract!  If you want the data package, you add that too.  There will not be a contract either.  Your Iphone needs to be unlocked for this to work.  If your contract is about expire, consider doing this so you are not locked into the monthly fees.

Find out more about unlocked cell phones, including unlocked Android phones, by going online at stores like Amazon to explore more unlocked smartphone sales.

Confessions Of A Coffee Snob

Are you tired of pumpkin pie lattes and double skinny carmel macchiatos?  I know that coffee is supposed to taste good, but drowning it in fake chocolate syrup and artificial flavors is taking things a little too far.  I jokingly call one coffee company Fivebux because you cannot leave the place without spending at least 5 bucks on what I consider a lousy cup of burned coffee.  You almost have to drown it with a few bags of white sugar and cream to mask the bitter taste.

I started drinking coffee as a teenager when we used to hang out at this 24 hour restaurant called Perkins Cake And Steak.  They offered a bottomless cup of coffee for about a quarter.  We drank the coffee for the caffeine content only.  It tasted so bad that it probably would have made a good battery cable terminal cleaner.

I later acquired the taste for good coffee when my sister returned from Brazil after studying there for a year.  She continually proselytized us on the virtues of coffee.  We drank it strong and black.

After graduating from college, I moved to California and worked for a computer chip company that supplied their employees with commercial grade grinders, cappuccino machines, and Peet’s coffee rather than the run of the mill tasteless coffee service coffee.  I came from a part of the country where good coffee was either Folger’s or Maxwell house.  It was kind like the fight between GM & Ford or Democrats versus Republicans.  You only had 2 viable choices.

I have to admit, it took me a while to get into Peet’s coffee.  It was dark roasted and really smelled fresh.  I needed cream or milk with Peet’s coffee.  Within a week or two, I was hooked and not only needed a cup of coffee to ward off the caffeine withdraw head ache, I started liking this dark roast coffee.  Screw the Democrats and Republicans-I went independent or so I thought.  I began to evangelize the world about dark roasted coffee.  There just was not any reason to drink the wimpy light roasted crap.

I was on a roll with this dark roasted coffee gospel.  Then I woke up one morning and had an epiphany. Whether I drank Starbuck’s or Peet’s, all this dark roasted coffee tasted burned.  It was bitter and I could not stand to drink it.  I started searching the Internet for the best roasted coffee and I stumbled on Blue Bottle Coffee in the Bay Area of California.  The owner and master roaster of Blue Bottle Coffee roasted his coffee in micro batches.  It reminded me of the micro beer breweries that were popping up all over the West coast.

I was ready to put in my first ever Internet order for light roasted coffee.  I remember going into work for the morning.  My sergeant called me into his house and said “we need to talk”.  My heart skipped a beat or two.  He said “I noticed that you have been looking at coffee beans on the Internet”.  Busted!  “Have you ever thought of roasting your own coffee beans”?  Obviously my answer was no.  He explained to me that he roasts his own and that I should think about roasting my own.  Considering that I may get written up for not obeying a direct order, I purchased a Toastmaster hot air corn popper and a small weber meat thermometer and was ready to roast my own coffee.  I just needed to order the green coffee beans.  Fortunately, one of the largest home coffee roasting companies in the US is located in Oakland,
California, so I put in my first order and started roasting my own coffee.

I have not looked back.  I will only buy roasted or drip coffee when there is nothing else available.  I take my hot air popper with when I travel.

I am a coffee snob.

How to Buy a Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

I grind a lot of coffee in my home, probably because I’ve been both a professional barista and a home barista for years, I blog about coffee, I talk about coffee, I play with coffee – it’s kind of an obsession for me.  Needless to say, if making high quality, well extracted coffee is something that interests you it’s pretty clear that you will need a conical burr grinder.

Why Conical Burrs?

Let’s get this straightened out before anything else.  Blade grinders don’t grind coffee, they smash it so that it looks grounds.  Yeah, sure, it’s better than nothing – but if you want to make good coffee than you need to get a conical burr grinder.  I write a blog about coffee and I have always put a huge emphasis on the grinder that you buy.  It’s more important than the brew method you choose, it really is.  I guarantee that I make better coffee with a burr grinder and a drip pot than I do with a blade grinder and an Aeropress or any other coffee brewing apparatus.

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So What Do I Look For?

A couple of things, it’s actually quite simple.

  • Conical burrs.  Did I mention how important conical burrs are?  They are – don’t buy a grinder that doesn’t have them.
  • And automatic safety shut off.  When I first got into making coffee I didn’t put any emphasis on this, but over years of making tremendous messes in my kitchen as well behind the bar in professional settings, I have to say, finding a grinder that won’t grind without the bean hopper in place is a great find.  Trust me on this.
  • How many adjustment settings it has.  This is debatable and completely subjective – some people want a grinder with few settings because this allows for simplicity as well as absolute consistency.  However, others (myself included) want as many grind settings as they can so that everything can be customized for a plethora of different brew methods.  The more advanced your coffee skills, the more grind settings you will want – so if you’re just getting started, you will be happy with a simple Krups or Baratza with ten settings or fewer.

Finding a good burr coffee grinder isn’t difficult, ultimately, the decision making is up to you.  Just follow these basic guidelines and you’ll be headed in the right direction.  If you have any questions, visit me at my blog www.vvlgar.com – we’re always happy to help people make awesome coffee.

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